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DB Sound keeps area productions looking and sounding professional
Florida Weekly Correspondent

Donnie Brown, left, owner of DB Sound Systems, and his assistant, Debbie Picard. 
BOB MASSEY / FLORIDA WEEKLY Donnie Brown, left, owner of DB Sound Systems, and his assistant, Debbie Picard.  When Donnie Brown and his brother Ronnie first opened their business in 1974 in California, it was to build stage monitors for Jackson Browne and other big-name acts.

Since 1989, DB Sound, 3120 Sulstone Drive, Punta Gorda(dbsoundsystems.doodlekit.com), has been providing professional sound, lighting and video to Southwest Florida.

Before moving their act to Charlotte County, the brothers spent five years working their magic for country-western singer Willie Nelson.

Sadly, Ronnie passed away in 2011, leaving Donnie to keep the business flourishing — which he has done.

DB serves sound and/or lighting needs for schools, country clubs, night clubs, bars, sound studios, hotel and corporate meeting rooms, theaters and arenas — even upscale home theaters. In addition, Mr. Brown has been hired by about 500 churches within a 100-mile radius to add a professional touch to special productions.

The company is not limited to designing, installing and renting equipment, either. DB is an authorized dealer of numerous top-level brands of audio, lighting and video equipment.

If a piece of equipment is damaged — say someone spills coffee on a soundboard — DB will provide a substitute so that there’s no down time while the original piece is being repaired.

“Being brick-and-mortar, you have to do something different to compete with the Internet,” said DB office manager Debbie Picard. “For us, this is our edge.”

“We can also answer questions, and keep people from buying things they don’t need — or that someone is trying to sell off because they’re overstocked and need to get rid of it,” Mr. Brown added.

DB’s professional services can take any production to the next level.

“In 1989, we had looked from Tampa to Fort Myers and there was hardly anybody doing what we did,” Mr. Brown said. “So the door was pretty much wide open.” ¦

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